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We undertake an extensive Quality Control checks throughout all manufacturing stages of its range of Hot Ink Rollers. As we have no control to the physical and environmental conditions under which our product is expected to perform, we are unable to be specific as to the number of prints achievable from an individual roller. Substrate, running speed and temperature all contribute to the longevity and print quality of the product. We are, however, often able to conduct tests to in-vestigate specific enquiries and samples are readily available for testing at customers’ premises to ascertain the suitability of our 3645 HI Black series.

  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons that perform at high levels in almost all environments

  • Resin formulations that once printed can only be removed by destroying the label or with very harsh chemicals

  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon manufactured by leading global producer

  • Variety of grades for retail applications to ensure 100% traceability throughout the supply chain.

  • Food grade safe – FDA and European ISEGA approved

  • High risk applications that require 100% traceability with low risk ribbons.

  • All ribbons are manufactured to ISO certified facilities

  • Specialist ribbons for niche applications such as Autoclav and sterilisation

  • Certified and approved thermal transfer ribbons:

    • UL approved   Electronic

    • BS5609  Chemical

    • IMDS  Automotive

  • High chemical resistant resins

  • High temperature resistant resins

  • Halogen free resistant ribbons

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